Beautiful Abominations Chapter 2

The brother I turned, puzzled and confused. Her eyes, her voice, her entirety, made me feel nostalgic, the only problem was that I had never ever met Sia in my life. As I walked towards the exit of the library I heard a voice calling out my name, "Oh if it isn't Mr Park himself" said the old woman walking towards me. She walked with a strange wooden cane, it was old, white oak perhaps with yet another strange amber jeweled on the top. "How is it that everybody knows me here?" I asked her. She smiled and said, "Oh little peanut,I do not know about others but your grandma and I were the best of friends and also I raised your mother like my own. She, on the other hand, left me for your stupid father, but that's a story for another day. You tell me, what do you read?" I looked at her and replied " I am so sorry, mum never spoke of you, she doesn't talk much about dad too. Anyway I'm not feeling alright. I guess the student librarian c

Beautiful Abominations Chapter 1

Beginning of the end  Running, we all are, inevitably, to or from something. Most run towards money. Some run towards passion, some hopeless ones run towards love. But all of them have one thing in common, they all run away from death. They know once death approaches them, their story is over. Me on the other hand, I never knew that running towards death is what would get my story started.  "Okay there is nothing to panic about , new school new life new me", I muttered to myself tapping the front of the car deck. "Sure Jake, isn't that what you said last year too" asked Liya as she flawlessly applied her dark black lipstick and walked out of the car. "Are you coming or what?", she asked. I always admired her confidence and was borderline envious of the fact that she was the perfect twin and I was the quite one. I parked the car and walked out, immediately putting on my black hoody as my first line of defense against human interaction. I saw m